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            Four Seasons</br> Hotel  Jakarta, Indonesia
            Four Seasons
            Hotel Jakarta, Indonesia
            To be the top global supplier of customized lighting
            Ritz Carlton Hotel</br> Pune India
            Ritz Carlton Hotel
            Pune India
            To be the top global supplier of customized, lighting
            The Residences at </br>Mandarin Oriental Bangkok, Thailand
            The Residences at
            Mandarin Oriental Bangkok, Thailand
            To be the top global supplier of customized lighting
            Courtyard Los</br> Angeles Monterey Park , USA
            Courtyard Los
            Angeles Monterey Park , USA
            To be the top global supplier of customized lighting

            WHAT  WE DO

            EME’S HIGHLIGHTS

            2020 China top lighting manufacturer-EME LIGHTING CO., LTD., inquire online.


            Since its inception in 2004, EME has been providing custom lighting services and has accumulated rich experience in crystal chandelier for hotels. EME has now become the world's top manufacturer of chandeliers. EME has a professional team that provides customization and production services to its customers. Welcome to customize chandeliers, pendant lights, table lamps, wall lamps, and any type of architectural lighting or crystal hotel chandalier for industrial or housing applications.

            Custom Lighting
            According to customer requirements, we can provide lighting of different sizes, different materials, different colors and different lighting products manufacturing processes.
            Decorative Lighting
            Lighting products are not only necessities for indoor lighting but also can show the basic elements of the spatial form and creates a great environment atmosphere.
            Architecture Lighting
            Light is used to illuminate the entire building with different brightness and various shades, etc.

            WHAT WE PRODUCT

            OUR PRODUCTS

            Turn on the lights of the EME to illuminate your world in the dark. Looking for various chandeliers? Chandeliers are the main products of EME. EME offers elegant and luxurious crystal chandeliers for hotel, as well as copper pendant lights, classic table lamps, floor lamps and ceiling lamps of any size. EME lighting has been customizing various crystal chandeliers. For more information, click each of the links below.


            OUR ADVANTAGES

            EME lighting factory is here to bring best of light for global customers. As a professional custom lighting manufacturer, EME good at crystal chandelier opened its own factory in 2004 and established all the production departments, which work closely together in every production stage to smooth the transition between each production stage including warehouse, drilling and metal processing workshops. In addition, EME has gathered a professional design team to ensure continuous innovation of EME products. Welcome to make a deal with EME, and we will provide you with the best quality and price.


             WHO WE COOPERATE

            OUR CUSTOMERS

            Our clients come from all walks of life around the world, most of which enjoy a high international status. EME's customers give EME a high rating due to EME's best quality and competitive price. EME lighting has been serving for global customers with surprising good lights.On the below are some international customers who cooperates with EME light factory in regard of various crystal chandeliers and architectural lightings. Shoot us an email if you're interested in EME lighting products.

             INFO. CENTER

            LATEST NEWS

            In this section, EME lighting factory will shed some lights on you to bring you up to speed. EME emphasizes its own development and improvement, and more importantly, the training of all technicians. Read news from the EME website and you will see how we improve ourselves. In addition, we will provide you with the latest lighting knowledge to help you determine the type of light that works best for you.Top lighting manufacturer, EME factory is adept at oem & odm crystal chandeliers. More info about EME crystal chandelier lighting, wecome to stay tuned.

             ABOUT EME


            EME founder, Bill Lee, and his team have been engaged in the lighting industry for more than 20 years. Today, EME is a supplier of high-quality lighting products and a professional consultant for the lighting design, serving such customers as hotels and real estate companies. We have become experts in the lighting production, design and innovation. The core value of EME: hard  EME has always been committed to creating its own unique art lamps. After 10 years of hard work, EME has established its own industrial park and the first China Green Lighting Education Demonstration Base to make the dreams of customers and employees come true. In the past few years, EME has provided high-quality products and professional services to customers in more than 120 countries around the world. We have also worked hard to become an excellent model company in the field of lighting. Today, EME has several brands such as KOUCHI and AURA. KOUCHI focuses on the production of lighting, while AURA focuses on lighting design.

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